Navigating the Numerous Lexington Boutiques

Woman love boutiques! Is that not a fact? The boutique business is flourishing in Lexington and there is always room for more. From store front to hidden treasure troves of unique and hard to find trendy dresses , the Lexington boutique business owners are bringing their finds to you. Here is a short list of some Lexington boutiques that are in the area:


List of lexington boutiques

The Aurburn Mermaid

It is Located on Main Street, this beautiful Lexington boutique is a refection of the beautiful owner: Auburn. Her love of floral, enthusiasm for color and her creative eye will help you to find trendy dresses on your journey to becoming the envy of your friends or colleagues. “Swim” around her website here:

The Purple Peacock Boutique

It is Located on Augusta HWY by Lexington High School, The Purple Peacock Lexington Boutique combines classic style,trendy dresses and a swanky unique twist to outfits that will have you wanting to buy everything! “Peck”out their website here: The Purple Peacock Boutique

The Pink Pineapple Boutique(PPB)

This Lexington Boutique is Located on West Main St., beside Calvary Baptist Church, this boutique offers fun, flirty and colorful prints and solids. You’ll find an array of personalities in these trendy dresses, shirts, jeans and more. Do not forget to check out the cool twist headbands! “Pine”through the website here:

Although, this is just a short list of three, there will be more to come in this series. For now, here is a few tips for Lexington boutique:

Tips For Lexington Boutique shopping

1.Check the Websites We often forget there is other means to find these places besides driving in circles looking for the next store. Some sites offer coupon codes, discounts and other ways to save.

2.TAKE YOUR TIME! Shopping is an experience meant to be enjoyed at these small businesses. The owners put a lot of time and attention into their stores. Besides finding amazing clothes, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere as well.

3.Always check the clearance racks– I do not think I would have to remind women of this, but you would be surprised how many overlook them. Boutique clearance means your store got some new stuff in, but it also serves as a money saver for you!

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